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Laminar Flow Depyrogenation Tunnel

The new sterilization tunnel DEPYR 601 is the outcome of joint efforts of Neri/Corima who have merged their experience, quality and the latest cutting-edge technologies to produce a new concept of tunnel. The new tunnel DEPYR is a continuous motion depyrogenation tunnel that can be installed in aseptic lines, independently of the used production technology.

The DEPYR series features a tubular stainless steel skid with opening doors right along the sides. The hinged doors – which consequently do not need to be removed once open – provide free and easy access to the sides of the machine. The instruments and the inspection doors (arranged on the sides and the external parts of the hermetically sealed modules making up the tunnel) are also visible, including access points to the process zone, which are locked with keys.

The modules making up the tunnel – welded together and complete with flexible joints to compensate for any expansion in the transitory points – generate a protection “tunnel” for the container conveyor belt, connecting the washing machine and the distributing machine. As they cross the modules, the containers are protected, depyrogenated and cooled. Another tunnel connects the bottom part of the modules to protect the belt where it returns to the infeed module. All parts are ventilated and therefore operate in controlled air conditions. The three modules making up the tunnel are equipped with independent pressurization system that makes the DEPYR unit the only machine with variable and programmable pressurization based on the aseptic process in use.