filling and sealing machine for the medical industry / for drug ampoules / automatic / aseptic
RSF 24



  • Applications:

    for the medical industry, for drug ampoules

  • Operation:


  • Options:



The RSF24 is a machine for filling and sealing ampoules designed to work in a sterile workplace.

Main features:

Perfect operational repeatability;
Easy to use;
Totally customisable, with wide choice of optional units;
High flexibility and capacity to process all types of sizes.

Standard version:

Automatic loading on stainless steel belt;
“No ampoule – No liquid” function;
Dispensing system with stainless steel rotary piston pumps;
Electronic dispensing adjustments;
Adjustable non-drip system;
Automatic ignition of the flame unit;
Sealing station;
Exhaust fumes extractor;
Automatic unloading on tray.