automatic thermoforming, punching and stacking machine / intermittent-motion
MB451 Evolution



  • Type:

    automatic, intermittent-motion


Automatic Thermoformer, designed to produce Blisters in PVC+Aluminum, Aluminum, Aluminum, Polypropylene, PET and PVC+Aclar®.

The machine is divided into five sections, defined with particular attention to material and product: Reel compartment holding forming material and splicing table, preheating and forming section, Galenic section, which encloses the filling station, where product runs on the open web. Sealing, perforating, coding, and punching section.
Drive housing and operating mechanisms and electric cabinet placed on the back of machine frame.

The Thermoformer works horizontally with forming, coding and cutting in intermittent motion, product feeding and sealing in continuous motion. In the machine design, cGMP norms have been followed and the machine is delivered with the Πmark.

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