capper for the pharmaceutical industry / for the medical sector / continuous-motion / rotary



  • Use domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry, for the medical sector

  • Operation:

    continuous-motion, rotary

  • Other characteristics:



Rotary, continuous motion capper equipped with 1 turret suitable to insert a silicagel (or 2 if required), and close the containers with the screw cap; the cap can be sealed with a sealing unit installed downstream.

It is possible to equip this machine with different types of towers with 6 or 8 closing elements;
Machine frame made of stainless steel, mechanical drives enclosed within the basement;
Machine functions managed by PC, allows the configuration and memorization,adjustments of closing heads and closure feeding elements;
Operator PC colour display panel for complete machine control: adjustments, configurations and programmed maintenance by PC;
A Brushless motor is installed to change the number of rotations.

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