filling and capping machine for the medical industry / intermittent-motion / automatic



  • Applications:

    for the medical industry

  • Operation:

    intermittent-motion, automatic


The MV 545 is an intermittent motion jar filling and capping monobloc machine, proper to fill cream in jar and to carry out subsequent closure.

Main features:

Designed according to the highest technological standards to guarantee the maximum productivity and quality;
Machine structure with stainless steel cover;
Controlled by a PLC;
Automatic pick up, positioning and screwing system of caps with electronic torque adjustment and parameter storage by display;
Dosing group with tri-clamp connections (hopper, filling valve housing, filling valve and nozzle) which can be transferred, still assembled, from the filling area to the washing and sterilization area by a suitable truck;
The dosing adjustment can be set manually or electronically from display by means of a stepper motor;
Conveying system of jars with symmetrical jar shape, with standard size parts; or irregular jar shape, in pucks with a return conveyor, if any, for the empty pucks back to the load/unload area.