bottle labeling machine / automatic / high-speed / in-line



  • Applications:


  • Operation:

    automatic, high-speed, in-line

  • Label type:

    adhesive label


Automatic self-adhesive labelling machine, for high speed labelling of flat bottom ampoules, vials or similar round containers, external diameter from 8 to 32 mm. It can work in-line with other packaging machines or as free standing unit with a tray infeed and outfeed arrangement.

Main features:

Star wheel transport system, designed to reduce manual operations and size change times to a minimum;
Variable pitch transport star wheel, which can handle a vast variety of ampoules and vials;
Label smoothing system with mousse rubber winding tape;
Stainless steel construction;
Positive logic;
Continuous mode speed adjustment;
Automatic reject unit for all types of error;
Safety devices in accordance with EC regulations.

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