clean room particle counter / for the pharmaceutical industry / air quality / for the cosmetics industry
PCSS Air Net



  • Applications:

    for clean rooms, for the pharmaceutical industry, air quality, for the cosmetics industry, for the food industry


The particle counting system PCSS Air Net has been designed as 3-channel particle counter and can be used to monitor up to six size classes. A microcontroller (SPS) allows you to start measurements and read out three particle sizes with the help of a current signal for 4–20 mA. In addition, the exceeding of the threshold can be read out via a closed contact. On the display up to six freely adjustable size classes can be shown. The laser of the sensor switches off during the pause phase to increase its service life.

The USB port is used for parameterizing the devices. In addition, the evaluation software “Protrend” allows you to operate a single device or two devices simultaneously. The evaluation software permits single and periodic measurements. Furthermore, it is possible to display single measurements and time courses as result (see also description “Protrend”). The measured data are displayed online and can be retrieved from the data memory later. An Excel template is available for exporting the data.