X-ray protective apron / front protection / side protection



  • Garment type:

    X-ray protective apron

  • Protection:

    front protection, side protection


Perfect Protection Against Radiation

Up-to-date user protection for multiple applications, which can also
be carried out sitting down: Specifically, this means that using a front
protective apron as a functional one-piece unit in compliance with
current practice naturally provides ideal radiation protection in any
working position.

Radiation protection aprons are already standard equipment in different
departments, e.g. urology, anaesthesia, etc.. However, the currently used
front protective aprons are designed for standing positions. But especially
in the above mentioned departements, some interventions are performed
with the operator in a seated position. This holds the risk that the gonads
will be exposed to a considerably higher dose than when standing when
a regular front protective apron is used.