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animal research inhalation chamber / veterinary

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animal research inhalation chamber / veterinary animal research inhalation chamber / veterinary


  • Applications:

    for animal research

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Each colony in the Visual Burrow System is housed in a rectangular acrylic chamber. Three chambers are positioned behind a barrier wall in the burrow area, with a wall separating it from the open area. These chambers are connected to and opened through the wall via clear Plexiglas tubes. Two of the three chambers, each connected to the “surface” area via a “Z” shaped tube, are connected to each other via a straight clear Plexiglas tube. The third chamber is connected only to the surface, via a straight tube. The animals are allowed to pass freely between each chamber and the “surface” area, or between the two connected chambers, by these tubes. Food hoppers and water tubes are located in a far corner of the surface open area. All dividing walls and chambers are constructed of black Plexiglas. The roof of the chamber is made of clear Plexiglas to permit videotaping. The floor can be covered by a layer of sawdust bedding (1 cm) in all chambers as well as the surface for experimentation (not included).

Sizing for mice and rats.