animal research organ perfusion system / for small animals / heart
LS-01G, LS-03GN



  • Applications:

    for animal research

  • Patient type:

    for small animals

  • Organ:



Gravitation-controlled heart perfusion systems

The advantage of the gravitational product line is that the constant pressure – by the continuous replacement of the saline – can be sustained in a stable way. Another key advantage is that by inserting a proper peristaltic pump, the constant flow mode can be easily configured. The systems are produced in one- and two-channel designs (LS-01G, LS-02G) including the Janicki-type working heart option, by default. Any basic model can be upgraded with the Neely-type working heart option (LF-03GN) without buying any further device. A further key advantage is that the system is supplied with a self-supporting table, which allows an easy placement in the laboratory.

The devices are suitable for isolated mouse, rat, guinea pig and rabbit heart examination
The temperature stability of the system is within 0,1ºC, measured directly at the heart connection
The easy placement of the preparation to the heart suspender is provided by the special design of mobile heart suspending unit and the heart suspending cannula, which both fit to species
The advantage of gravitational design is that the constant flow and constant pressure mode can be simultaneously achieved
The pressure meter sensors and the drug injection inlet are located directly next to the heart
The systems include the Janicki-type working heart measuring option, by default
We provide an opportunity to stimulate the attached dissection (pacing)
The extra-/intracellular MAP measurement is resolved in the systems
Sizes: width: 800 mm, depth: 600 mm, height: 2250 mm