ambulance stretcher trolley / manual / height-adjustable / self-loading
Mercury 7070/4RG PROOF



  • Type:

    for ambulances

  • Operation:


  • Features:

    height-adjustable, self-loading

  • Number of sections:

    3 sections


The MERCURY roll-in stretcher is sturdily built with a smart design. The stretcher comes with a height adjustment system. The patient support surface can be height adjusted using 2 mechanical sliding pistons on each axle. The improved ergonomics and the height adjustment system in the MERCURY roll-in stretcher helps in easier handling and transportation. To maximize patent comfort the MERCURY roll-in stretcher can have various configurations. The MERCURY roll-in stretcher can be fixed and tightly restrained inside the rescue vehicle with height up to 75 cm using a certified device. The MERCURY roll-in stretcher also comes with optional four swivelable wheels that provides unmatched manoeuvrability. The stretcher is easy to use even in tight and cramped surroundings. Other features of the MERCURY roll-in stretcher are adjustable backrest with inclinations from 0 ° to 90 ° with lockable gas spring and fully foldable 600 mm side rails.