ambulance stretcher trolley / manual / height-adjustable / self-loading
Mercury Lite 7082/4RG Proof



  • Type:

    for ambulances

  • Operation:


  • Features:

    height-adjustable, self-loading

  • Number of sections:

    3 sections


4 rotating wheels version is available for Mercury Lite which grants extremely maneuverability. This product is ideal for narrow spaces. Operating an easy command the two frontal wheels can be unlocked or reset to thier original configuration. Fixing of stretcher inside the rescue vehicle is granted by certified system Art. 955 Proof (see Fixing Systems). Supplied complete with mattress and belts.
This version has the same features of model 7080/4RG Proof, but it allows the loading on ambulances with loading height up to 75 cm.
Device certified according to the European harmonized safety standards UNI EN 1865 - UNI EN 1789.