automatic cytometer / benchtop / digital / flow

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automatic cytometer / benchtop / digital / flow automatic cytometer / benchtop / digital / flow - Lorrca®


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    digital, flow


Laser Optical Rotational Red Cell Analyzer
Lorrca Maxsis osmoscan (Lorrca®) is a unique instrument which combines Red Blood Cell (RBC) deformability by ektacytometry, osmoscan and aggregometry; all temperature controlled. It is capable of fully automated measurement and calculation of various phenomena of RBC’s by analysis of their rheological behavior. The technique accurately detects deformability as a function of shear stress, pre-hemolytic stability and aggregation of the RBC’s and is of added value for hematology analysis.

Possible measurements of the instrument
Evaluation of the rheology of blood in different parts of the body is a very specific task, therefore it is important to have a technique available that can accurately measure the RBC properties. Lorrca incorporates a variety of techniques to perform these specific measurements:

• Deformability: Laser diffraction ektacytometry, Parameterization of deformation curve, Cell- and cell membrane stability
• Osmoscan: Deformability under an osmotic gradient, Osmotic Resistance Test
• Aggregation & dis-aggregation: Syllectometry – Extent of aggregation, aggregation kinetics and tendency