video laryngoscope / with integrated video monitor / with blade / pediatric
VS-10 Series



  • Type of video endoscope:

    video laryngoscope

  • Features:

    with integrated video monitor, with blade

  • Patient type:



Medcaptain's Video Laryngoscope uses a camera technology to visualize the larynx and enables clinicians to perform endotracheal intubation smoothly.

Vision with Ease
3.5” touchscreen, responsive and easy to use, automatic focusing, anti-fog blade and camera

Vision with Intelligence
Real-time situational awareness, position & environment-sensitive

Vision for Everyone
Suitable for infants, children, adults, obese as well as difficult-to-intubate patients

Blade models available
Size M1 for infants
Size M2 for children
Size M3 for adults
Size M4 for obese patients
Size M3D for difficult-to-intubate patients