gait rehabilitation system / pediatric

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gait rehabilitation system / pediatric gait rehabilitation system / pediatric - PIO CHILD


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How it works:
The patient exercises lower limbs synchronically with levers moved by hands through a special mechanism. The PIO apparatus stabilises the patient in the correct position. Provides necessary weight bearing important for proper movement of the hips, knees and tarsal joints which promotes synchronised movements simulating natural gait.
Combines passive exercising of lower limbs with active exercising of the upper limbs and body with nearly natural load put on the muscular and skeletal system.

Advantages of using PIO:
• Promotes upright position
• Increases breath capacity
• Stimulates circulatory system
• Prevents urinary system infections (helps to remove sediments in urinary tract)
• Provides dynamic load to osteoarticular system (e.g. lessens the risk of
• Prevents muscle contracture and arthrosis

PIO is a device which enables performing of comprehensive exercises in upright position.
It is designed:
• for rehabilitation wards
• for home use

Comfort of exercise performing increase:
• Electronic timer-counter showing time of
exercise and number of steps; acoustic alarm
goes off if the exercise exceeds present time
• A shelf for portable music and video players,
newspapers or books
• Comfortable backrest