gynecological forceps / surgical / extraction

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gynecological forceps / surgical / extraction gynecological forceps / surgical / extraction - MED1001434


  • Applications:

    gynecological, surgical

  • Procedure:


  • Length:

    33 cm (13 in)


For the removal of an intrauterine device.

Normally the IUD is removed by tugging the extraction thread which protrudes from the outer cervix. This thread can break off, disappear into the cavity of the uterus or be cut off too short. In such a case it is mostly necessary to remove the IUD by curettage in hospital.

The IUD Flexible Alligator Forceps was developed to solve this problem and make it possible to remove intrauterine devices, where the patient is treated as an out-patient without anaesthetic etc.

The instrument can be used by any gynaecologist who fits intrauterine devices. It spares affected women the trouble of surgical intervention.
Further Information
Length: Approx. 33 cm.
Material: Surgical steel.