hand-held pulse oximeter / with separate sensor
Model 34, 34B



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    with separate sensor


Pulse Oximeter with Audio and Visual Alarms, Memory, USB and Infrared Ports
Bright LED displays indicate Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate
Bar Graph displays Pulse Amplitude and Perfusion Quality indication
Plethysmograph display on computer using optional software
High speed, low power Printer Option operating in three different modes
2-year warranty
Pulse Oximeter with Alarms, Bar graphs, Memory and output to printer or PC via infrared or USB port
Available in two battery versions- Lithium Ion Battery M34- 21 hours (Sleep mode) & “AAA” Alkaline Batteries M34B- 22 hours
Audio and visual alarms for saturation and pulse rate
Audible pulse tone varies pitch with rise and fall of saturation
Three Modes of data storage: Auto, Intermittent and Sleep
Auto- Data recorded every minute for 136 hours
Intermittent- Data recorded for up to 20 different patients. 7200 data points
Sleep- Data is stored every 5 seconds up to 18 hours
Able to output data to PC or printer via Infrared port or USB port
On screen display of stored data showing time and date