gastro-esophageal pressure patient monitor / ambulatory / compact / with pH meter
Blu Runner



  • Measured parameter:

    gastro-esophageal pressure

  • Applications:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with pH meter


BLU RUNNER is a ambulatory system for recording the gastroesophageal pH/Impedance values

The new BLU RUNNER rev 4 Impedance/pH and Pressure ambulatory recorder is now available for a thoroughly evaluation of the Gastroesophageal Reflux.
Designed to do long term ambulatory recording (24 hours) it can also be converted in a stationary manometry /impedance system by a wireless connection to a PC thus confirming BLU RUNNER as a very flexible device.
The system has 8 Impedance channels , 4 pH and 8 pressure channels in variable combination and it can be expanded with additional channels according of the growing needs of flexible diagnostic instruments.
Thanks to its touch-screen color display it allows the user to easily set the parameters of the examinations( duration, position of the sensors, type of catheters etcc) with no need to be connected to a computer.
The graphic display shows the traces of all the channels in real-time to make sure about the status of the recording.
Being the data stored on a memory card it is very simple and quick to upload the data to a PC where the software IMP/HS is installed as you do with your digital camera.

The software has exclusive features like the computer-aided manual recognition of the events and subsequent analyses besides the standard fully automatic analyses.