intraperitoneal hyperthermia system / intravascular



  • Application:

    intraperitoneal, intravascular


EXIPER is a stand-alone instrument to perform Chemohyperthermic procedures in local or regional compartments of the human body

Exiper can carry out several Chemohyperthermia procedures :
- Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Perioperative Chemotherapy (HIPEC)
- Removal of ascitys with Intraperitoneal “lavage”
- Isolated Limb Perfusion
- and Hypossic perfusion with extracorporeal circulation
The latter, HIPEC, is the most common procedure used to treat the peritoneal carcinomatosis. In cases of peritoneal carcinomatosis caused mainly by ovarian and colon cancer, regional hyperthermic chemotherapy is used for the perioperative treatment. Peritoneal carcinomatosis has long been thought of as an incurable pathology, however, new approaches have been discovered to treat the pathology. Combing cytoreductive surgery with perioperative chemohyperthermia is one of the most successful approaches.