visualization software / control / preoperative planning / measurement
mediCAD 2D



  • Function:

    visualization, control, preoperative planning, measurement, post-processing

  • Application domain:

    for DICOM files, for medical displays, for PACS, for orthopedic imaging, pediatric, for DICOM, orthopedic surgery, for knee surgery, for hip surgery, preoperative, for shoulder surgery, orthopedic

  • Medical establishment:

    hospital, medical

  • Other characteristics:

    automated, server


mediCAD Hectec GmbH releases the new version of its mediCAD® digital planning program. The new version contains numerous expansions developed in response to suggestions from orthopedic surgeons.

mediCAD is a medical software package that helps ensure a high level of planning and operational quality. Specialized tools for handling and editing digital images have become indispensable and will remain essential for the foreseeable future.

mediCAD is a high-performance, modular software package that provides such information in a compact, easily understood format.
The system was developed in collaboration with doctors for doctors giving you and your patients:
- A globally recognized planning programm
- Access to all current planning methods
- Modular design
- Immediate access to 23 languages
- Documentation of all steps
- Time savings of up to 90% of your conventional planning
- Access to more than 130 international implant manufacturers with more than 500.000 templates
- mediCAD is certified according to 93/42/EWC and DIN EN ISO 13485 and approved as a medical product
- Internationally mediCAD is also sold as IMPAX Orthopaedic Tools (through AGFA Healthcare)
- mediCAD and IMPAX are approved as medical products according to FDA 510k / Health Canada CMDCAS