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MRI mobile radiology room

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MRI mobile radiology room MRI mobile radiology room - MRI


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    for MRI


Our innovative approach to design makes our MRI trailers easy to set-up and take-down. Our up time reliability is among the best in the industry. If service problems do occur, repairs are able to be made quickly by our trained field service providers.

Interiors reflect the comfortable yet high-tech atmosphere physicians, technicians, and patients expect. Controls, storage, and equipment are all conveniently located.

The flow from our special heating and air conditioning system is distributed through hundreds of ceiling-mounted louvers providing a "curtain" of air. We chose this method to improve upon the most common system of air distribution ... single, high-volume louvers. These tend to blow offensive volumes of air directly onto the trailer occupants.

In addition, Medical Coaches adds special insulation allowing our units to operate in hot or cold climates without the need for optional accessories.