endoscope cabinet / drying / supply / transfer



  • Type:

    drying, supply, transfer, reprocessing

  • Use:

    for instruments, for endoscopes, for flexible endoscopes, probe, for ultrasound transducers

  • Facility:

    hospital, laboratory, doctor's office

  • Features:

    with shelf, with drawer, with door, with containers, with tray, with HEPA filter, with computer

  • Other characteristics:

    warming, modular, ventilated, with electronic lock, recirculating air, RFID technology, soundproofed, fixed, stainless steel, automated, sterile


The DRS-215™ is an air-heated cabinet managed by a PLC through a 7” 16:9 HD touch screen
display. Designed to store up to 10 flexible endoscopes aseptically and horizontally up to 800
The traceability software provides access to the most important hospital computer systems
through Bluetooth or Ethernet connection.
The comfortable work surface and its 10 independent drawers allow a versatile use of the system
as well as reducing cross infection risks.
The DRS-215™ directly connected to l’E-BAG™ (mdg Patent), provides high security storage and aseptic transportation of flexible endoscopes. The system is particularly suitable for gastroenterology, bronchoscopy, respiratory clinics, or where requires. The drying cabinet can be used with or without our certified E-BAG™, or in other different condition depending on the instruments to store. The DRS-215™ is provided with standard Ethernet connection and the traceability software, which saves all data of the storage process. The same software is used as interface with the most important hospital traceability systems.
Alarm system through operator recognition if the endoscope is removed without authorization (operator ID) the system generates an on/off warning at the facility where it is installed. (It also works independently, e.g. acoustic signal).