emergency care patient simulator / treatment / auscultation / airway management



  • Procedure:

    treatment, emergency care, auscultation, airway management, ECG, for resuscitation, CPR

  • Form:

    whole body

  • Other characteristics:

    with sound generator, with electronic console, computerized, portable



ADAM-X is the male patient simulator designed for practicing skills and providing medical assistance in case of emergency. ADAM-X is a high-fidelity patient simulator: the highest standard of realism in form and function. It is designed to take training to another level: in for instance anesthesia, nursing, intensive care, emergency (services) and combat-related medical training. It can be used wireless and tetherless, in the hospital, on-the-go and in an outside setting. The scenarios and stand-alone procedure practices are immersive and easy-to-use.