endoscopy video recorder / with image capture



  • Applications:

    for endoscopy

  • Other characteristics:

    with image capture


The iMave™ platform is designed to provide endoscope manufacturers with an easy and affordable way to integrate video and still image recording into their medical camera systems.

iMave stands for "Integrated Medical Archiving Video Engine":

Integrated - Fully embedded solution easily integrated into camera systems.

Medical - Meets the quality and safety requirements of medical-grade products.

Archiving - Wide choice of recording outputs: USB drives, DVD, Blu-ray®, etc.

Video - Records a broad range of video resolutions from Full HD 1080p to PAL/NTSC

Engine - The iMave platform is much more than just a recording device. With its powerful processor and WinCE OS, OEMs can easily create total recording solutions and customized workflows.