fully-automatic breast milk pasteurizer / for milk banks / with touch screen



  • Other characteristics:

    fully-automatic, for milk banks, with touch screen


Pasteurisation for mothers’ milk facilitates the retention of immunological factors otherwise destroyed by high temperature treatments and is also known to eliminate the HIV and CMV virus.

Sterifeed Pasteurisers comply with the NHS National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence guidelines for the establishment and operation of Human Milk Banks. In particular the requirements for rapid cooling defined as the milk temperature drop to 25°C / 77°F in less than 10 minutes, with a resultant temperature of < 4°C / 39° F within the pasteurisation cycle and validated accordingly. This should be achieved before transferring to refrigeration or freezing.

The Sterifeed S90 pasteuriser represent the latest generation of Infant Feed Pasteurisers, developed with valuable input from Neonatologists, Microbiologists and Dieticians. Sterifeed pasteurisers have undergone continuous research and development from the early 1980’s.