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video dermatoscope / white LED / computer-based / HD



  • Type:


  • Light source:

    white LED

  • Options:

    computer-based, HD


VIDIX 4.0is a revolutionary digital videodermatoscope, designed and built, in every component, pursuing the objective of easy use, thanks to functional, simple and intuitive solutions both in software and hardware.

VIDIX 4.0 redefines the concept of image resolution: the high level of acquired images will amaze. The pixels are larger and brighter, this WPT technology makes the system the ideal aid for a correct and precise diagnosis.

VIDIX 4.0it is equipped with a double screen, in order to allow an optimal visualization of the diagnostic images and, consequently, a high standard of analysis. The choice of this configuration proved to be decisive in the follow-up and in the comparison between historical image and live image.