compliance monitoring system / hand hygiene / medical / continuous



  • Type:

    compliance, hand hygiene

  • Application domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, automated, with screen


Hydro-alcoholic solutions (SHA) consumption monitoring

SHA View is an eHealth system, simple and quick to implement: it tracks the consumption of HAS in an automated and continuous way, by medical department, and more particularly:

Supervises the consumption of HAS per distributor: HAS takes are identified in the database, as well as the replacement of each bottle. It anticipates replenishments in order to guarantee the presence of HAS available to caregivers.

Provides rational and objective data, fine and precise indicators, dashboards and reports, notably in response to PROPIAS 2016 (IcSHA. 3 and number of frictions per patient, French Indicator). The SHA View was developed in accordance with the quality manuals (HAS, JCI, etc). These data are used to communicate progress in hand hygiene compliance at health facilities.

Displays graphs of hand hygiene compliance status and trends by day, week, month, year.

It saves time for operational hygiene teams, assesses the relevance of training courses and accompanies programs to improve professional practices.

The combination of all these benefits contributes to the fight for a reduction in healthcare-associated infections.