supply beam system / ceiling-mounted / with column / with shelves



  • Type:

    supply beam system

  • Installation:


  • Other characteristics:

    with shelves, with column, intensive care, articulated


ORPORT ICU pendant is designed for medical equipments integration. Base on clinical needs, ORPORT ICU pendant combines diagnostic equipment, patient monitor, medical ventilator, IV pole, injection pump, gas outlets and power sockets.

Key Features of ORPORT ICU:

Stability and Flexibility

Built from single-molded aluminum alloy, it is able to withstand heavy equipments. The linear slide rail design also allows smooth and easy horizontal movements.

Soft LED lighting effect

Multiple LED light sources on the crossbeam produce a soft light environment for medical staff.

Extendable port

Consistent port design gives customers the choice to extend various gas outlets, power socket and communication/ image ports for future demand.


Drawer, shelf, IV pole, stainless steel basket, monitor rack, examination light, ambient light and cable clamp can be purchased optionally.

Customized design

A variety of combination of service heads and arms are available based on customer needs.