gynecological operating table / urological / electric / hydraulic

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gynecological operating table / urological / electric / hydraulic gynecological operating table / urological / electric / hydraulic - Gmax800


  • Applications:

    gynecological, urological

  • Operation:

    electric, hydraulic

  • Features:

    lifting, on casters


Gmax800 Electric surgical table
To create a better operating environment, Mediland is introducing its first fully electrically-driven surgical table, Gmax 800. Silent design, suitable for use for all types of surgeries. Synchronized movements, to quickly achieve the position and increasing operating room efficiency.

Ergonomically designed base provides better stability and allows surgeons to work closer to the table ; Ideal feature for urological and gynecological surgeries.
Full stainless steel base is easy to maintain and clean, and also resistant to chemicals and disinfectants.
Key Features of Gmax:

●Articulation Movement
The Gmax 800’s fully electrically-driven system offers operational stability, while the absence of hydraulic components eliminates the risk of oil leakage. Gmax 800 also supports synchronized movements that achieve desired positions quickly which is particularly beneficial for endoscopic surgeries.

300mm longitudinal sliding , offers imaging access and full cassette tunnel for X- ray. Allowing C-arms to perform full-body radioscopy, making it suitable for use in abdominal, cardiac, thoracic, and endoscopic surgeries.

●Table Adjustment Control

The Gmax 800 positioning can be controlled by a hand control or an auxiliary control unit. The system is designed to cut off power to the hand control software after 70 seconds of inactivity to prevent accidental table movements.