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PTCA catheter / coronary / balloon



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PTCA Baloon Catheter

Assure, Medinol's future PTCA balloon catheter, leverages Flexx² - a patented catheter technology that features an innovative spring tip. Flexx² has been shown to be a game-changer in deliverability, especially in challenging anatomies, enabling simultaneously flexibility and pushability. Assure delivers:

High flexibility for enhanced trackability without tip flare-out
High pushability for enhanced crossability through tight lesions
Low true entry profile for easy lesion penetration
Rounded edges to smoothly negotiate through rough inner vessel anatomy
Eliminating tip fish-mouthing that is common to plastic tip designs.
The only radiopaque tip, enabling to visualize actual catheter-tip location during PCI

Flexx² - Redefining Deliverability

The single most important feature for crossability of a PTCA balloon is the distal tip of the catheter. Failed deliveries are typically caused by a repetitive failure of the tip to cross hard lesions or previously implanted stents.

Most PTCA balloons have a plastic tip and must compromise between pushability and flexibility. If the tip is hard it may not be flexible or trackable in tortuous anatomy. If the tip is soft it could flare-out and buckle which may prevent crossing tight lesions.

By introducing Flexx² catheter technology and its spring-tip, Assure provides physicians with a solution that is more flexible and more pushable than any other PTCA balloon.

Assure will be available in both Non-Compliant and Semi-Compliant versions.