Y infusion connector / with hemostasis valve



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    with hemostasis valve


Mediplus peripheral IV connectors are designed to
ensure optimal drug delivery for enhanced safety in ICU,
HCU, orthopaedic and obstetric departments. These high-performance connectors offer a wide range of benefits including:

Enables rapid emergency response – the high-flow anti-reflux valve (Coventry Connector and High Flow Y Connector) offers a uniquely fast flow rate for rapid IV fluid delivery and prevents back flow into the IV line

Greater control – the integrated anti-siphon valve prevents free flow and back flow, reducing the risk of over or under dosing during infusion

Comfort & convenience – the removable bridge (Coventry, 2-way Safe-Connect and Chalfont Connectors) helps prevent the device becoming dislodged and keeps it compact for greater patient comfort and manoeuvrability

Ergonomic design – the J-loop design (Coventry, 2-way Safe-Connect and Chalfont Connectors) prevents kinking and occlusion of tubing for unimpeded flow

Reduced risk – the needle-free access ports (2-way Safe-Connect) support infection control and reduce the risk of needle stick injuries

Wide range – single, double or triple infusion options available