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pressure monitoring catheter / gastroenterology
2315, 2320

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pressure monitoring catheter / gastroenterology pressure monitoring catheter / gastroenterology - 2315, 2320


  • Application:

    pressure monitoring

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Antroduodenal and Colonic GI Manometry

A comprehensive range of catheters in three external diameter sizes - 2.3mm, 3.9mm and 4.9mm: the small 2.3mm diameter is ideal for small patients where the thinner, softer catheter is designed for easy introduction and location. The 3.9mm diameter - a firm medical grade material catheter - usually allows easier placement beyond the pylorus, which may mean that the patient need not be completely still during the study.

All catheters have open central lumen for guidewire insertion. They have radiopaque markers at every eye (perfusion port) and black lines marked every centimetre to 85cm starting 1cm from the lumen nearest to the catheter tip.