laboratory freezer / cabinet



  • Applications:


  • Configuration:


  • Capacity:

    165 l, 300 l, 600 l (43.6 gal)

  • Temperature range:

    -20 °C (-4 °F)


Ultra Deep Freezer, -20 degree
Environmentally friendly Ultra Deep Freezer, -20 degree powered by Meditech Technology for safe storage.
User Friendly Design
Selectable storage system LED interior lamp with ON/OFF switch and provide a clear view of stored items
Eye Level Digital display is easy to see, and is calibratable through the control panel Filterless construction eliminates
bothersome filter cleaning
Reliable temperature upto -20°C
Self-regulating cooling system
Air flow system in vaccine compartment
External cabinet and internal liner pre-painted galvanized steel
Cooling coil of copper
CFC-free refrigerant and insulation
Compressor made for use in the tropics
Solid lid with handle and lock
7 baskets for organized storage
Available in 220V-240V 50/60Hz + 115V 60Hz
Delivered in solid, wooden crate
Temperature Variations Prevented

The Meditech MTPF Series is designed to minimize cold air loss even with frequent door openings.
Separated inner doors minimize the chamber air leakage during door openings.
Foamed-in-place insulation in the walls and magnetic sealed outer doors prevent chamber air leakage and promote complete door closings
Large air circulation fan enables rapid temperature recovery after door openings
Electronic thermostat, airflow system and the specially designed icelining ensure stable temperature control in range
upto -20°C. The actual temperature is readily checked on the external digital thermometer. Effective insulation and the icelining ensure long hold-over time in case of power cut. The galvanised steel cabinet protects against corrosion. Baskets included for organized storage.

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