vacuum leak tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / for the food industry / for medical devices



  • Tested parameter:

    vacuum leak

  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry, for the food industry, for medical devices


What is vacuum leak detector
Pack-Vac Leak Detectors Leak Testers
Pack-Vac Leak Detectors from Burhani Hardware And Fittings for Quality Control
Burhani Pack-Vac Leak Detectors assist you guarantee to your customers that your packaging system is dependable once it leaves your facility.
Sealing time, packing material compatibility, seal reliability in high altitude trucking and airfreight are some of the production variables that has to be taken into account since the manufacturing possibilities are countless.
Leak Test Video
Burhani pack-vac leak detectors allow you to set up reliable package line quickly without efforts. This is a systematic package testing system. This results in accurate adjustment of machinery and less downtime. Continues usage of Burhani Pack-Vac leak Detectors can detect sealing problems before they snowball. By this way, the production yield is improved. Hence Burhani Pack-Vac leak detectors can diagnose the defects before reaching customer. A Touch Screen PLC can be added to the system to stimulate High altitude and vacuum levels for ideal situations.

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