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plastic backboard stretcher / with head immobilizer

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plastic backboard stretcher plastic backboard stretcher - 1301


  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    with head immobilizer


- Made of high-strength colored polyethylene material without contaminators, does not contain latex
- Nonmagnetic and radiotransparent
- Floating (can be used in water rescue operations)
- Acceptable for repeated cleansing and chemical disinfection
- Can be used together with vacuum mattress or independently
- Allows for easy and quick patient fixation of any body type
- Additional openings in spine board on the level of lower extremities allow for the additional separate immobilization when there are fractures of hip and lower leg
- Equipped with folding head immobilizer
- Equipped with belt system with height adjustment

Belt system consists of central belt and five paired belts, attached to the central one. Such construction allows fixing patients of any body type

Head immobilizer FGS-01-«Мedplant» is a light folding construction, which is mounted on the spine board with the help of straps. Head immobilizer is radiotransparent. The shape of side supports provides firm immobilization of patient's head limiting unpurposed destabilization. The supports are provided with special openings, which allow ear conch examination for determination of possible bleeding or other liquids loss. In dependence to head size the supports can be fixed in different positions.