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electronic pill box / wireless

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electronic pill box / wireless electronic pill box / wireless


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Introducing the MedSignals cellular-communicating pill reminder, monitor, and gateway

It’s the first multi-drug mobile medminder. It enables anytime/anywhere user support and remote monitoring of critical pills. MedSignals exclusively offers this mobile health (mHealth) medminder critical to real-time nowledge of the user’s health status.

This mHealth model optionally offers a large new Wedge base design that
holds more pills than expected (each bin housing 70 aspirins, for example). These palm-sized pill cases house 4 drugs in separately-controlled compartments. If you need to monitor more than 4 drugs, 2 or more devices can be combined.

Since 2008, the landline-communicating MedSignals was the telehealth field’s leader. Coming soon, MedSignals will report dosing histories via your own cell phone. All MedSignals models are Bluetooth-enabled, serving as a gateway for VitalSignals monitors transmitting readings wirelessly to patient files.

All reporting capability is generated by our world-class Adherence Engine serving this best-of-class suite of devices

Data are captured in a cloud-resident SmartChartsTM system that processes timely alerts and reports to designated care team when and how they want them --via email, text, fax, customized EMR connections, or automated phone calls.

Users or caregivers select times of doses, instructions to be spoken aloud, and quantity to take – all with point-and-click ease on websites or manually on devices. Ease of use has become one of our strong advantages.