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cutting electrosurgical unit / plasma coagulation / surgery / radio frequency
PEAK PlasmaBlade™



  • Features:

    cutting, plasma coagulation

  • Application domain:


  • Type:

    radio frequency


PULSAR® Generator is the foundation stone of PEAK Surgery System, which supplies unparalleled waveforms for the purpose of pulsed plasma mediated surgery.
In addition to this, the machine powers a disposable cutting device, PlasmaBlade that offers bleeding control of conventional electro-surgery and exacting control of a scalpel without causing any extensive damage to the collateral tissue.

The PULSAR Generator comes with an intuitive user interface which depends on the direct feedback from operating room staff and surgeons.
Along with being easy-to-use and simple, the design of the system is basically “plug-n-play”, which enables back and forth communication between PlasmaBlade and PULSAR Generator to slightly adjust power, based on impedance of target tissue, program recommended settings and keep track of Patient Return Electrode connectivity.