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CSF drainage catheter / ventricular

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CSF drainage catheter / ventricular CSF drainage catheter / ventricular - VentriClear™


  • Application:

    CSF drainage

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VentriClear EVD Catheters

External ventricular drainage (EVD) catheters act as a pathway to drain CSF from the patient’s ventricles to help relieve intracranial pressure. EVD catheters are connected to an external drainage and monitoring system. EVD catheters can be fabricated of radiopaque (barium impregnated) silicone tubing, translucent silicone tubing, or a combination of translucent silicone tubing with a barium stripe. They feature larger diameter flow holes and larger inside diameter to minimize possible obstruction.
About the VentriClear II EVD Catheter

The VentriClear™ II External Ventricular Drainage (EVD) Catheter Set allows for external access and drainage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the ventricles of the brain. To inhibit bacterial colonization, the VentriClear II EVD catheter consists of translucent silicone elastomer impregnated with the antimicrobial agents minocycline and rifampin.

Several features aid the surgeon during the process of catheter placement:

Numerical length markers at each centimeter
Radiopaque stripe down the length of the catheter body for radiographic recognition
Soft, pliable silicone to minimize trauma to neuro-tissue
Large flow holes to reduce potential of clogging