trolley washer-disinfector / front-loading / high-capacity



  • Applications:

    for trolleys

  • Other characteristics:

    front-loading, high-capacity


Technically advanced but easy to use for perfectly clean carts and more

Functional details - Made by and for professionals
The dual wash and rinse systems which are adjusted to suit each cart and trolley type are located on the left, right and over the cart and move along the cart at pre-set intervals, thus optimally cleaning the whole surface several times during each washing process.

We clean in the chamber, but think out of the box
Automatic tilting of the cart allows the water to escape easily from the internal compartments as well as drain from the outer surfaces, thus guaranteeing outstandingly effective cleaning as well as excellent drying.
The generously-dimensioned wash-chamber provides sufficient space for all common types of trolleys and carts. Carts can be efficiently and ergonomically loaded into and removed from the machine as its entrance is level with the surrounding floor.
Wide jets in the drying system combined with large volumes of air and a powerful heat input to dry the carts with extreme efficiency.
Washing and rinsing nozzles are made from the highest quality materials.
Wash water filter systems trap all residues removed from the cart during washing. The sloping floor directs the recirculating water directly into these filters.

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