medical autoclave / compact / top-loading
MELAquick 12+



  • Application domain:


  • Configuration:

    compact, top-loading

  • Capacity:

    1.4 l (0.4 gal)


MELAquick 12+ is an autoclave, which is compact, fast and strong. It confirms the hygiene standards with its processing of handpieces and saves practice time and money. Prophylactic instruments, handpieces, turbines and all other conventional practice instruments, sizes up to 20 cm, can be sterilized within 7 minutes while treating the patients. The device contains three Class S programs. All three programs are in conformity with the EN 13060 European Standard. To sterilize the handpieces, not only a complete air removal is needed, but drying is also most important. The drying takes place in the processing room with the help of compressed air supply. In a normal practice autoclave, using the MELAquick 12+ with its inexorably longer cycle times, is the perfect substitute to sterilization of handpieces. Width of the MELAquick 12+ is 20.5 cm and and it is 45 cm deep. The size of the device indicates that it requires a clearly lesser positioning surface than any other autoclaves.