medical autoclave / front-loading / benchtop / with touchscreen
Vacuklav 41 B+ Evolution



  • Application domain:


  • Configuration:

    front-loading, benchtop

  • Other characteristics:

    with touchscreen, fractionated vacuum

  • Capacity:

    18 l (4.8 gal)


This fast stand-alone autoclave machine has the same record operation time as the similar Vacuklav 40 B+. It’s possible to remove unwrapped instruments out of the device after only 10 minutes. Wrapped instruments are ready to be removed after only 17 minutes. The drying and fractioned pre-vacuum processes are included in the aforementioned timeframes. This is all thanks to the exclusive twin chamber technology, which uses the Class B program. Additional features of the Vacuklav 41 B+ include a color-touch display, air cooling system, and integrated software for labeling and clearance. The machine is a stand-alone device as it only has to be plugged in an outlet in order to work. Since information is shown clearly on the color-touch display, the possibility of errors is reduced.