ECG patient monitor / intensive care / transport / modular
Menntor X7



  • Measured parameter:


  • Applications:

    intensive care, transport

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Screen size:

    5.7 in


Features & Benets

Multi Parameter plug in Module for all basic Vital Signs
The Multi Parameter Module (MPM) is also a Transport Monitor
MPM provides continuity of patient data even during transport.
Convenient for use in transfer between hospital units
Long-term data storage:
Graphic Trend
Numeric Charts
ECG & Vital Signs Waveform Full Disclosure
LAN connectivity
Wireless LAN Option
MenneNet – Bed to bed communication and Interface to Nurse Central Station
Connectivity with Medical IT Systems
Easily customizable for optimal clinical use
Demo Mode
User friendly, intuitive interface, including easy access “Quick Keys”
Special features – CRG, Alarm Watch, CerebraLogik – Dual Channel EEG & aEEG
Multiple Interface Options – Ventilators, Anesthesia machine, Anesthetic Gases, PiCCO, Vigilance/Vigileo, Radical 7, BIS, NMT.
Customizing Tools – Monitor Profile, Software Quickeys, Permission Editor.