diagnostic software module / reporting / stress test / electrocardiography



  • Function:

    diagnostic, reporting

  • Application domain:

    stress test, electrocardiography, medical imaging


This module is a useful and convenient tool intended to facilitate diagnosing and reporting on stress echocardiography examinations performed on a host ultrasound device. Its handling is similar to that of the SonoWin basic system and requires almost no additional training period.

The stress-echo module allows you to define as many protocols as you like. All of these protocols may feature up to 8 scan planes and 10 exertion levels. The acquisition of image sequences is triggered by the heart cycle. Sequences once stored can be played simultaneously and at variable speeds. This makes it a lot easier to evaluate deviations in wall segment motility. Schematic graphs displaying the wall segments and the scoring you gave them can be inserted into your diagnostic report.

To evaluate the wall segment motility you can make use of an integrated scoring tool that uses different colors to distinguish different evalutions. This method complies with the requirements developed by the ASE.