data management software module / reporting / medical / endoscopy



  • Function:

    data management, reporting

  • Application domain:

    medical, endoscopy


EndoClean is used to manage the cleaning status and user protocols of endoscopes.

EndoClean consists of 3 parts

EndoClean Server

manages the database for storing all information
controls the interfaces to the washing machines
stores the protocols of washing machines
stores the user entries
communicates with the EndoClean Clients and SonoWin® workstations

EndoClean Client

displays the server status
displays log messages
allows the manual creation of cleaning protocols
allows database query

EndoClean Plugin

displays the cleaning status of all endoscopes
allows to select one or more endoscopes for the examination
displays the history of the cleaning process and use of endoscopes
allows to insert cleaning information in the reporting letter