pneumatic sandblaster / 4 tanks

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pneumatic sandblaster / 4 tanks pneumatic sandblaster / 4 tanks - 080246


  • Operation:


  • Number of reservoirs:

    4 tanks


High-range sandblasting machine. It has four pots, each one with an independent pressure gauge and pressure control system, which provides great accuracy in fine blasting. A heating system located in each of the pots keeps the sand free of humidity, thus avoiding the appearance of lumps in the nozzles. The working cabin has been carefully designed to achieve a comfortable and ergonomic working position. The interior is lit with a fluorescent lamp and does not have shadow zones. The machine is supplied with tungsten carbide nozzles of 0.75mm. 1 mm. and 1.25 mm.; a control pedal; and in an interior air jet, which is very useful for cleaning the inside of the cabin. Plastic protectors for the glass are available (R- 080242-50).

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