dental air compression system / multi-post / modular
META Tower series



  • Applications:


  • Number of dental workstations:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Flow:

    152 l/min, 225 l/min (40.15 us gal/min)

  • Pressure:

    Min.: 5 bar (72.52 psi)

    Max.: 7 bar (101.53 psi)


Suction systems, compressors and amalgam separators, ready to connect and combined in a compact, stylish housing: This is the METASYS META Tower solution. Equipped with the suction system EXCOM hybrid, the META Air compressor and the amalgam separator ECO II/ECO II Tandem, the META Tower combines high technical quality standards with a high level of aesthetics. Thanks to its optimal noise insulation features, the META Tower can be freely placed in any desired location in the dental practice and therefore promotes calm and undisturbed work as well as a relaxed work environment.

The benefits of the META Tower are compelling:

space-saving with only 0,36m² set-up area
slim design with a height of only 212 cm
quiet function with only 54 dB(A)
modular construction for customized solutions