3D viewing software / preoperative planning / for stereotactic neurosurgery



  • Function:

    3D viewing, preoperative planning

  • Application domain:

    for stereotactic neurosurgery


The MNPS product is the result of 22 years of research in which stereotactic procedure planning techniques were developed based upon neuroimages and personal computers. The product was originally the NSPS in 1990, then became the MSPS between 1994 and 2003. The product techniques are based on parametrization of each magnetic resonance, tomographic, and stereotactic angiography section plane, and they are tridimensional (3D). Two stereotactic atlases, the Talairach and Schaltenbrand-Wahren, have been digitalized to vectorial shape and several resources have been incorporated to obtain a map overlay over stereo-tomography slices that are reformatted. This helps make functional surgery procedure planning easier. There are also many parameters that guarantee control over atlas space orientation and the relation to the brain of the patient, with the posterior commissure and the anterior being essential for that.