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Emergency Loo is a disposable urinal. Up to 400 ml of urine is bound in the super absorber within 2 to 3 minutes. Never before was it so easy to react to the pressure of the bladder – no matter where you are. After use Emergency Loo can be easily disposed of in the general waste.

Emergency Loo – An essential in both hospitals and special-care homes

Hygiene plays a significant role especially in hospitals. Germs and bacteria are hidden in open bedpans and urine bottles which can escape into the air. Via the air conditioning system they can then spread over the entire hospital or special-care home. Thus new infections could develop for the patients – an intolerable risk. With the Emergency Loo urine and therein borne germs are bounded into a gel within 2 to 3 minutes and nothing can escape.

• Interruption of the germ chain
• Discreet, silent and odor inhibiting
• Leak proof
• Unproblematic procuration, storage and disposal
• More mobility for the physically disabled, the sick and people in need of care
• Increased well-being and dignity for the people concerned
• Hygienic advantages compared to diapers and bottles