venous infusion set

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venous infusion set venous infusion set - Rythmic™


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Our innovative Rythmic™ Infusion Sets contain all necessary components such as air eliminator filter, non-return and anti-siphon valve and extension line. The design of the sets improves efficiency, while reducing hazards and false alarms. Air removal during filling and priming is easy and safe.

The Rythmic™ Infusion Sets are designed to be used with the appropriate Rythmic™ range pumps. Please click on the Specifications Tab on the right to see the available infusion sets and their specifications.

The process of filling the set and loading it into the pump is very simple as demonstrated in the figures below:

Steps: 1. Filling the Full Set | 2. Removing Air | 3. Placing inside the pump | 4. Priming

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