hand-held ultrasound system / for ophthalmic ultrasound imaging / all-in-one probe
PalmScan B-SCAN

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hand-held ultrasound system hand-held ultrasound system - PalmScan B-SCAN


  • Ergonomics:


  • Application:

    for ophthalmic ultrasound imaging

  • Options:

    all-in-one probe


The Mobile B-Scan from MMD is an ultrasound device. The device is portable and can be used for multiple purposes. Any PC can be used as a B-Scan device by the product. It offers sharp high resolution images. The B-Scan is easy to operate and comes with custom settings for allowing several applications. It can hold infinite number of patients’ data. This portable device is mobile, even while travelling as it can be used on various PCs. The Mobile B-Scan is conveniently used with accuracy and efficiency for high resolution imaging which enable to give over 2000 sample points per line. Its penetration capacity is enhanced because of its adjustable pulse power. It can penetrate from 3 to 10 cm with help of 12MHz/15MHz. The dual calipers enable the measurement of eye easily. The B-Scan has made printing and capturing of images of the eye easier. Print out of captured images even from existing office printer is possible. Movies or JPEG images can be stored easily on the PC’s hard drive.